Decoration in the bedroom - 6 designs with art objects & Co.

Decorations are in any interior the A and O. They underline once again your personal style, radiate class and give the room the finishing touch. Ornate objects are particularly well here. And have you ever thought about a decoration in the bedroom with art? The lighting and various wood finishes can provide a breathtaking ambience.
Decoration in the bedroom
You will be amazed how you can both wonderful set pictures and other things in the bedroom scene and combined with furniture and other accessories. It must not be equal to necessarily omitted other colorful textures.

accents with the decorative in the bedroom
With the right balance of color accents can be set, which do not appear too exaggerated. To illustrate this to you, we have compiled a gallery in which you six stunning and modern bedrooms are presented, all artfully decorated and creative. Be inspired by the attractive designs, with ornate decoration in the bedroom and pull out some ideas in the transformation of your own bedroom into consideration.

Decoration in the bedroom with accent wall
This bedroom is neutral and monochrome set. As warm accent only the area behind the bed is used. The wall is covered with wood there. The color contrast, the gaze is drawn directly on this area, which also includes the art as a decoration in the bedroom. This is represented by a pretty picture with an attractive, white frame and, thanks to the clever thoughtful means of Maria Yoana Popova wonderfully effective. Also worth mentioning is the black shelf opposite the bed. It has a modern and original shape. The black color makes between gray columns also ensure that it is highlighted wonderful.

Original shelf Design

Dresser with yellow stool

Light decor and artful objects
Combine different objects of art as decoration in the bedroom and make you re an accent in the room. The idea here is very similar to the first bedroom. The equally modern and bright design of the space is broken by a warm accent. This is an attractive shelf design in the center of the white wall unit, which is located back behind the bed. Then various art objects are on display, including an image, as well as letters and wooden houses. The latter combine the rustic and modern style together. In contrast is the interesting linens with geometric pattern that also serves as decoration in the bedroom. To angehmen atmosphere also contributes indirect lighting.

Modern bedroom in white

Indirect lighting

Decoration with a rustic flair

Linens with geometric pattern

Decorative accent wall brick

Admittedly, actually everything in this bedroom a looker. But again falls a certain area in a particularly and that is in this case the black accent wall made of clinker. Since this has been an interesting texture, some would dispense with additional decoration in this area. Here, this wall is wonderfully suited for designing. In this example, for decoration in the bedroom was used for setting up the wide headboard of modern bed. Thereupon images are of different sizes. There are also two larger pictures side of the bed. Have you noticed the original chairs? They seem to have been swallowed up by the wall. The blue chair, and the blue and yellow pillows on the chairs are next to the ornate objects as decoration in the bedroom as a color accent. On the original door design with blackboard paint again a quote from the author Joseph Chilton Pearce is ready.

Romantic bedroom

A monochrome information on their website bedrooms can be particularly well used to highlight a colored decoration in the bedroom. For this reason, the upbeat articles such as the yellow bedside lamp, accent panel painted turquoise wood or the yellow door to their best advantage. As you can see, you can do with a little imagination and little money interesting designs himself. but glad to be decorated with the same color things. One example is the glass vase with white flowers. As Decoration in the bedroom so are not only typical accessories such as lamps, rugs, bedding, or other things of that nature. Even with floors, walls, doors and windows can be a unique and attractive interior colors are available. This is also proved equal to the adjoining bathroom with glass partition. Namely, there is the floor made of colored tiles with geometric patterns.

Subtle color accents to decorate a bedroom

One bedroom with sloping ceiling has a particularly cozy atmosphere. This also applies bedrooms with modern furnishings. This results also in this bedroom with eclectic interior style to a balanced atmosphere. The black wall of clinker is replaced striking accents in yellow in the form of color blobs. The example is also the evidence that can be considered as well as decorative lighting of a room. This type of decoration in the bedroom drops here particularly handy, as you extend over the entire length of the aforementioned, black accent wall. There are also interesting lamps by Paolo Rizatto Also worth mentioning are of course again the objects of art and especially right opposite the bed. The latter has a remarkable size and is directly in front of the glass wall. The yellow accents, which can be seen on the abstract and urban image, repeated in the form of other decoration in the bedroom. This includes modern Atollo lamp by Vico Magistretti on the sideboard, and the round cushions on the attractive, metal chair.

Modern Art Deco in the bedroom

An artful objects also in this bedroom is not missing. First, the white wall is decorated by a large mural. However, it was not appended, but only ajar on transparent manner. As Decoration in the bedroom then come be added the original pendant lamps, as well as the elaborate medallion above the bed and the modern vases with flower arrangements on the bedside tables. The colors are chosen neutral throughout the body of this room. Black and white walls and curtains are alternated, while the floor and most of the furniture is made of a warm beige.

Bedroom designs in the same order by:
Maria Yoana Popova | D2 STUDIO | Pavel Alekseev | Zinaida Baklanova | Vashantsev Nik | Olga Podgornaya

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