Provocative purple design for your bedroom

Blue-red is a color for adults, the color of night, the secrets and shadows. Choose purple design for your bedroom, if you want to design a space with character. Powerful and dramatic, charismatic and full of connotations, the purple design scheme will fascinate you. The bedroom is probably the most private area in the house, so let your imagination run wild. But do not forget that purple visually the space can look smaller.

Purple Bedroom classic design
Purple design for your bedroom looks adorable

purple bedroom decoration
Purple is a color that you either love equal to or hates. But can not remain indifferent to. Purple is closely associated with luxury, it is a versatile color, it can be warm or cold, subtle or blatant act, and can be perfectly adapted to several styles. Lila design for your bedroom can also mean purple decoration. Choose purple curtains, purple bedding or as accents in your bedroom. If you want to create a modern feel, do you have a concrete wall naked, put contrasts with a purple decoration fabric and choose the right chandelier to. Already you have modern purple design for your bedroom!

Purple bed modern interior
Purple Design - creative design of the bedroom
provocative interior design purple bed

Purple Wall Decoration

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Purple Bedding modern Decoration

Purple accents bedroom

Purple lighting modern apartment

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Purple Nursery modern decor

If you rather want an artistic device, they combine the purple design for your bedroom with bright red (the color of the boxes). This combination was the designer William Morris, whose interiors inspired in the Venetian style until now, preferred. Or you mix purple to confer with lime green accents around the room a fresh look. Just try it, you can combine colors and textures and create your own retreat in purple!
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