25 small bedrooms that are modern in design and creative

Anyone faced with the challenge of setting up a small bedroom beautiful, he probably thinks the problem "Many furniture - small room". With the right design solutions and ideas you can place all sent and create a beautiful, peaceful feeling in the room. Small bedrooms have a few features that you should consider. Read our advice about and be inspired by the gallery below!

Excellent examples of modern, small bedroom
You have to waive all eliminate unnecessary objects in space and focus on the essentials. In the bedroom you need basically a bed, or two night tables, a wardrobe and if possible make-up or a desk. Think take up less space on furniture with a double function, because they are. A modern dressing table with folding mirror for example, could serve as a desk and a bed with storage would double the storage space in small bedrooms.

Storage ideas for small bedrooms

Bed with storage and wood slat headboard with shelves
Instead of a chest of drawers, opt for a high wardrobe with sliding doors. This White to make optimum use of the vertical space. The sliding doors ensure that the path would not be adjusted when open. A wardrobe with mirror doors can make the room look bigger and eliminate the need for a wall mirror. Particularly suitable for small bedrooms are also wall mounted bedside tables and beds with integrated shelves already.

Mounted flat screen TV on the wall
The conventional TV sideboards are usually designed in white high gloss and handleless fronts. But you will soon be passe, as flat-screen TVs are already more often simply mounted on the wall. In this way, you have more room to move in the small bedroom.

the available space optimally use - cabinets that reach the ceiling

Dressing table with folding mirror serves as a desk

bright colors and indirect lighting

handle-free cabinets and Led strip under the shelf

Bed with integrated drawers

Bed of light wood

Grey and a pleasant woody

Aqua Blue wallpaper with silver flowers

small workstation can hide behind sliding doors

25 small bedrooms that are modern in design and creative.
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