50 Bedroom Ideas - design in the Shabby Chic look

The aesthetics of the Shabby Chic style is based on the use of furniture and home accessories, the look romantic but outdated. Imagine a mix of the elegance of the French Provence and the charm of the Victorian era in England from 1920 before. If you want this look in your bedroom, then there are some elements that you need to integrate determined there. Check out these romantic bedroom ideas in Shabby Chic look at and get inspired for the design of your space!

In general, soft pink tones dominate in Shabby Chic room, but lilac, gold, beige and turquoise can also fit well. White is the predominant color of the furniture. Colorful patterned Dekoteller, flower pots, vases and tea set nice accents. A simple color scheme can make it interesting by pattern. Arabesque pattern and Toile de Jouy designs on wallpaper and accessories would be a good choice. Damask designs look especially beautiful on linen, pillowcases and curtains aus.Vielleicht the most popular motif for the Shabby Chic bedroom but remains the Rose. Remember that a romantic rural feel to prevail in the room. Decorate with bouquets of dried flowers such as lavender, roses and sunflowers. Place the flowers in a white basket or make small wreaths that you can hang on the door or on the wall. Fresh flowers like Ranunculus, peonies and herbs on the windowsill complete the overall picture beautiful.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas - Antique furniture, chandeliers and Rose Bouquets

beautiful light and romantic

Wallpaper with rose pattern

light-filled bedrooms

white bedspread with ruffles

Chair in Distressed

Dressing table with mirror

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