26 ideas for bedroom curtains and drapes

There are so many choices for curtains and drapes - tight and sheer, short and long, from luxurious or simple substances. Choosing the right curtains and drapes for the bedroom, but is not so difficult. You just have to be adapted to the style, colors and decorations in the room. Note nor the space orientation and shape of the window. Read our tips on selection of bedroom curtains and let yourself be inspired by the pictures below.

Sheer white bedroom curtains or blackout curtains?

Choose a set of curtains and drapes by dragging your sleep habits and needs into consideration. Sheer curtains allow natural light into the room floods, while black-out curtains, as the name suggests, will make the room quite dark even at midday. Blackout curtains have a heavier look, but when in bright colors they can brighten the mood in the room clearly. They are practically necessary if you need to sleep during the day. Sheer curtains provide daylight to wake up early in the morning yet.

Bedroom curtains depending on the orientation

The orientation of the bedroom, the height of the window and its size are important factors that you must consider when buying curtains and draperies. They are not only aesthetically, but also have a practical application - Curtain may affect the temperatures in the room. One bedroom with north facing position receives little sunlight, while this would absorb the full summer heat with southern exposure. Choose fabrics that allow you to control these temperatures.

Three in one
The curtains need to be adapted to the style of bedroom furniture. For a modern bedroom ruffles and voluminous curtains are not suitable. Instead, contrast colors and abstract patterns are a real eye-catcher. If you like the romantic style, floral patterns and ruffles are particularly good in use.

Ethno-motifs in the bedroom

neutral colors in a modern bedroom

Ocher yellow as an accent

combine sheer curtains and blackout curtains

floral motifs in yellow and blue

Bedroom in Brown and Beige

subtle colors and interesting patterns

Coral color creates mood

Golden shades

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