59 ideas wardrobe wood finish and glass panels

Luxurious and modern wardrobes with doors in front Holzotpik or with glass panels, admire 59 wardrobe ideas of modernity. Unique and made to measure wardrobes in the bedrooms contemporary are the highlight in the room. The trend shows that more and more searches for large, long and even built-in wardrobes and if time permits spatial decorate your home with walk-in closet.

It takes more and more for solid wood as the material for his wardrobe . The modern accents with extra lightened or darkened symmetric elements also not be overlooked. Sliding or hinged doors with metal handles, the 59 wardrobe ideas are characterized with clean lines and modern design. Colored notes we find in the cabinets with sliding doors and the classic revolving doors are found with either wood finish or a trendy high-gloss surface. Square or rectangular modules as front panels give a minimalist bedroom hip futuristic effect.

What is there better in the bedroom or dressing room as a built-in wardrobe! It has saved a lot of space and see the wood fronts much more than wall decoration as closet doors. However, this is also a question of space allocation and to find the right corner for our love fairing is a challenge for us to be. We will present you 59 wardrobe ideas with various front finishes and design, but follow the clear line of clean colors.

Retro accents and mirror panels

Marble and wood as a combination

Contrast accents in the bedroom

Determine the appropriate location in the Rauf for the wardrobe

Original Wall Deco with scientists name

Clean, straight lines in gray

Darker accents, bright wardrobe with sliding doors

Color-matched to the interior

Wardrobe with space for decoration and bookshelves

Minimalist style

Implied color is bright caramel

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