Setting up Modern Kids Room - 100 Ideas for Furniture Sets

Furniture is a very important part of the equipment of each room. Everyone wants in his bedroom furniture that speak of his tastes and preferences, regardless of whether he modern, rustic or shabby chic look like. For kids bedroom it is similar. The furniture must not only age appropriate, but also represent the modern lifestyle today. Establish a modern nursery or means to adapt to the latest trends in furniture. Learn more, more typical of the modern children of today.

Bunk beds have the popular bunk beds replaced in the nursery. There is only one instead of two beds, while the lower part is used for playing or studying. A ladder on one side leaves the area below open and provides access to bed. Instead ladder loft beds are also available with stairs, whose steps involve also drawers in its interior.

colorful cabinet fronts
modern bedroom for guys

Black, White and Yellow

interesting storage solutions

Bunk bed and trundle bed
large wardrobe
Furniture set for two guys

Orange, Blue and Black

Space-saving ideas for kids

Furniture in neutral colors

Hello kitty

A children's desk should be comfortable and functional enough to provide plenty of storage space for all textbooks and learning materials. This homework is done fast and excellent. Think. Against bright colors and space-saving combinations, such as corner desks, desk under the loft bed or with built-in shelves Some desks even have built-in speakers, so that children can enjoy their favorite music.
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