Ideas for Bedroom Design - New place for bed

While the bed usually centered in the bedroom design positioned on a wall, this way is not always interesting and not at all unique. If you are looking for ideas for a new space for the bed in the nursery or your bedroom, then take a look at our creative suggestions. The size and layout of the space is effectively determine the best place for your bed, but you can still consider a few different options for an unusual look.

Bedroom design - bed in the middle of the room
If you have a large bedroom, you can position the bed in the middle of the room, rather than to put on the wall. This variant is particularly effective when you want to make a decorative and beautiful designter bed headboard on display. A chandelier hanging over the bed would emphasize the space Mitt as the focal point. So you do not get the feeling that the bed floats nowhere, make a bench at the bed foot and a console table behind the bed. For this idea perfectly suited Headboard with storage compartment. Whether you choose open shelves or concealed, pullout storage element, this design would become real eye-catcher in the bedroom. In the children decorate the headboard with lights and garlands, or attach a sticker with beautiful motif.

Headboard with open shelves

a large headboard could also serve as a room divider

Bedroom design - bed in an alcove
If you want to find a comfortable, nice looking place for your bed, make it into a niche. If your bed is placed in a small, semi-enclosed space, you would create an intimate atmosphere and create open space in the room for other pieces of furniture. If the niche has a window, you can hang curtains to give the sleeping area an airy feel. If the room already has no niche, you can build a few drywall plasterboard. A great idea would be to plan storage space under the bed, so that you can use the space most effectively.

Install the bed under the stairs

create a niche for drywall with bunk beds

Bedroom design - design a loft bed
When you lift your bed a little higher in your bedroom, you would free up space for a closet or desk underneath. Loft beds are indeed often used in children's rooms, but are also suitable for adults. Under the bed you can integrate a desk or make an entire home office. A cozy reading corner would be another option if you are planning a B├╝rcherregal and a comfortable chair there. If you have little space for your clothes, you can install a dresser, a clothes rack or an entire wardrobe under the loft bed. If you want to make a little extra room to private, you can have a curtain of the bed frame hanging down to the floor and hide any clutter or mess.

accommodate a wardrobe and a desk

Make a reading area under the loft bed

Install curtains on bed
Surround your bed with curtains to create an interesting and elegant look. You can put up against a wall of your choice the bed with the headboard or with one long side. Install four bars on the ceiling above the bed to hang curtains or panels and to close the bed from all sides. Another option would be to install only one bar directly over the center of the bed so that the curtain could serve as a wall decoration. This idea is ideal for roof slopes and for the bedroom of a girl. A particularly romantic look, is not it?

particularly effective for sloping ceilings and a romantic bedroom design

modern color combination in brown and white
Ideas for Bedroom Design - New place for bed.
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