Bedroom ideas of 10 modern design projects

A good night's sleep is one of the most important factors that make you feel healthy, productive and happy. And of course, it all starts in the bedroom. The perfect bedroom should be an oasis of relaxation can be for you, definitely not a place where you feel anxious or excited. Therefore, one must try to create with colors and textures a nice atmosphere. The bedroom ideas that are presented in this post are not only beautiful, they are the perfect place to relax after a stressful day.

Inspired bedroom ideas from nature

The master bedroom was of Duc Jimmi visualized and appears to be as inspired by nature. The carefully selected patterns and colors of the duvet up to the desk chair with wire back, have a modern yet calming effect. The creative indirect lighting is soft and warm and has not only a decorative function.

Neutral colors and geometric patterns in fashion

This bedroom by Image Box Studio is an advanced color palette of black and white in the center. This neutral backdrop puts the yellow relaxing chair in the foreground. The bedroom is spacious enough to accommodate a small seating area, where you can drink your morning coffee.

Bedroom Ideas - Dramatic black
The bedroom of Alex Koretskiy affects urban and extravagant. The splashes of gold color on the black brick wall combined with violet-colored accessories provide a perfect example of urban sophistication.

"Like sleeping on the floor"

A large four poster bed might be right for some, but a convenient place on the ground and this is enough for others. This small bedroom of Cuong Hoang is furnished with a low platform bed with a thick mattress. The beautiful accent wall in turquoise is the perfect backdrop for the desk and wall decorations. There is something warm and Welcoming in this design, is not it?

Simple and modern
In another bedroom from the same designer, we see a similar atmosphere, but loaded with a masculine flair. The creative wall clock attracts the attention immediately, while the light gray wall color looks very relaxing. In the room are still creative pendant lamps, simple white linens and wall color in a light gray tone.

Pleasant warm colors
This warm bedroom in caramel and cream used pleasant textures to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Bedroom with maritime flair
The design of designer Oksana Mukhina you could gently rocking to sleep. As if you sleep on a boat in the ocean. The white floor and walls are reminiscent of a beach house, which is usually regarded as the epitome of relaxation accepted.

Modern bedroom in Persian style

The Persian-inspired bedroom of projek F is very demanding. The bed headboard in brown leather and the round Persian rug on the floor bring an exotic touch to the room.

Modern and exotic

The bedroom of Juraj Talcik is an amazing room full of peace and joy. It has a magnificent view of the surrounding woods and tried the boundary between inside and outside through large folding window to merge. Beautiful natural wood floors and pretty potted plants in the bedroom contribute more. The unique bed headboard is particularly noteworthy and looks like a modern canopy.

White and airy

The last bedroom of Oksana Mukhina fascinated by his white brick walls and simple furnishings that make the small rooms feel large.
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