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In order to provide the necessary rest in the bedroom, which will provide the most relaxation and recreation, pleasant and soothing colors are the best choice. These mainly pastel tones are wonderful. Even dark colors can be used under certain circumstances, but this should best have a warm shade to avoid depressierende atmosphere. For example, create a cozy ambience dark red. However, such a choice of color must absolutely not be boring. Indeed, there are wonderful techniques and patterns that you can apply by brush to get nice effects that are far from disturbing the peace.

In this sense, today we show you some interesting ideas emphasize the bedroom, you are also problems in your bedroom can apply.

Ideas emphasize the bedroom - sponge technique
A highlight is the simplest ideas to the bedroom, with the sponge technique to achieve a very pretty effect. For this you need two colors, which serve as the base and cover colors and need not arise from the same main color. That is, you may also use two different colors. The color should be a bit brighter than the top color. After applying both shades, you need the sponge with which you dab the top color.
Ideas emphasize the bedroom - The effect that occurs is reminiscent in some ways of clouds and gives the room an airy feel. The sponges available for this technique are available with different structures, so you have the option to use a pattern of your choice.

Plaster effect

Ideas emphasize the bedroom - Stripes
Ideas emphasize the bedroom - an equally terrific way two or more colors can be combined with each other strip. Whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal - an impressive effect is guaranteed. With this idea, you need tape to mask off the individual areas.

Two odere more color into each other can overflow
With the sponge technique you can have multiple colors bleed into each other. This is possible but also by spray paint. That depends entirely on what technique you prefer visually. The result is a delicate effects of different colors.

Neutral shades
The size of the space has a certain influence on the correct choice of color. So should be used especially in a small room bright colors as possible, as this will cause him seem larger and more spacious.

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Ideas emphasize the bedroom - Great Techniques & Pictures.
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