Clean Mattress: home remedies and Cleaning Tips

It is a well known fact in mattresses live millions of microscopic, spider-like creatures - mites, tiny insects that feed on dead skin particles. It is difficult to wash the mattress, frankly, that's impossible. Some housewives are trying to make with suitable detergent and brush their sleeping mattress weekly clean. But this activity has proven to be very stressful.
The collected debris in the mattress and the living bacteria can be a very big problem for our health be. They cause irritation, skin problems, allergies, respiratory problems. And when you consider how much time we spend in bed! What can you do? How to clean the mattress? Rule number one is: the bedding should be changed once a week. Even if you can do it twice a week, the better!

But how can you clean the mattress?
Wash the bedding in hot water to kill any microorganisms once. Sprinkle generously then the mattress with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) also contained in baking soda. Apply a few drops of lavender essential oil added to remove the bad smell. Let Me be the mixture for several hours on the mattress. Then take the vacuum cleaner and clean the surface of the mattress from soda sprinkled.

The mattress clean with baking soda or baking powder
With a vacuum cleaner to remove not only the remnants of soda, but also the dust from the mattress as far as possible. For deeper and more thorough cleaning, you could use a steam cleaner. So you can also remove old stains on the mattress surface.
Do not lie down on the mattress until it is completely dry!

It is recommended to use this procedure once a month. According to experts, can you change the pillow once every two years. Despite the careful changing pillowcases pillows are self depots for a lot of dirt and germs, very harmful to our health.

People spend a third of his life in bed. Are you sure you hold your own and clean? You do not want your health in addition jeopardize the already polluted environment, right?

Clean Mattress: home remedies and Cleaning Tips
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