Top 5 bedside table designs for bedroom

Modern minimalist bedroom consist of two important elements - bed and nightstand. At first glance, the minimalist bedroom can look bit weird and empty, at a closer look, however, meant that the idea behind the interior aims a simple design. Simply means boring in any case - exciting shapes and designs of many designers ensure that the furniture pieces exude elegance and style.
Bedside table made of glass

Luxury Nightstand

 bedside table designs
The modern bedside table is not an addition, but a characteristic of bedroom design and represents a balance of colors, furniture and decoration. It offers the comfort that we all need, and hiding all our personal items that we keep just for us want . So this piece of furniture should be practical, and not only be beautiful.
Contemporary bedside table - Models

We present you the top 5 designs that can be found in the interior magazines. If you are looking for a new nightstand, you will surely delight these photos and maybe you notice a new idea, which is suitable for your room. The most important thing is that it fits the bed and that it suits your taste.

Minimalist Nightstand
This nightstand impressed with form and color. The pink shade is combined with black smooth surface and shows the separation between all enclosures and creates a dynamic structure. The design is perfect for people who want to have a clear separation between their things, or need the color in her bedroom. The super elegant glass bedside table serves as a unique decoration. The unusual shapes to create an eccentric and avant-garde atmosphere and offer the other a practical saving space for our stuff.
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