Setting Feng Shui Bedroom - correct bed position

What is a Feng Shui Bedroom? Feng Shui originated in China. In short, Feng Shui is a philosophy of life. Your basic rules guess some important rule, how to make a relaxation area and are therefore well suited for the bedroom.
 Feng Shui Bedroom plaster wall Wall Decal
Set up your Feng Shui bedroom by starting with the bed positioning. The bed should be against a wall - this is calming. The less furniture are in the room, the better. The bedroom should look more spacious and always well-ordered - superfluous linens on the chair or open cabinet doors will disturb at night. This applies also for decoration or devices that make noise / indoor fountain, Computer, Printer, among others /. The bedroom should fulfill only one function - but if you want to set up a reading corner or home office, you can visually separated by a screen.
Feng Shui Bedroom - Tips for the establishment

Feng Shui Bedroom - cheap bed positioning

Colors in Feng Shui Bedroom - White and Blue

Feng Shui philosophy comes from China

Bedroom with wood paneling has a calming effect

Avoid direct eye to the window

Chocolate brown calm colors

Even in a small bedroom Feng Shui decor is possible

Cheap positioning in the bedroom with sloping ceiling

Do not use too much decoration

False - low bed

False - bed looks directly at the window

Correct - the bed does not look directly to the balcony

Correct bed position

Make personal haven of peace

Visually separate wall shelves from the bed
The bed in the Feng Shui bedroom should not be located directly between two windows or window and the door itself. If you have a skylight, you can monochrome mount blinds. Roof windows let light in the night, which can lead to a restless sleep. Avoid to install wall shelves above the bed headboard. Nothing should disturb falling asleep - so you avoid to put pictures or mirrors on the wall opposite the bed -., This will draw your attention automatically to be Feng Shui says that the bed are high does - so the energy is released through the space can run.
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