Hanging beds - 29 great design ideas for unique accent in the house

Often we are of things that are not part of our everyday life, fascinated. While some of us tend to spend a lot of time on the beach and surfing, others are obsessed with the sky and fly. Flying has always been one of our dreams. How about flying in your own bedroom? Hanging beds make it possible.

Hanging beds you can float in the air

Designer hanging beds add this great charming touch to any home, garden, terrace. Look stylish and chic, distinct from the rest of design ideas and create stunning visual contrast. Variants are diverse - from hammocks for brave fighters loose to round shaped beds, which appear to be for a princess. The design for floating in the air beds was most likely inspired by the beautiful hammocks, an indispensable part of any exotic holiday resort. Perhaps this also means that hanging beds so typical for a holiday trip, give a sense of luxury and relaxation. Modern designers have done a lot more than just transformation of the traditional beds in floating versions. Designs vary between nest-like woven opportunities and plush beds with plush cover. The last indulge the senses.

Hanging beds undoubtedly provide for our rest and relaxation
If you have problems falling asleep, then a hanging bed will alleviate these complaints - with security! It is scientifically proven that the subtle rocking motion to sleep perform much faster than the silence. Many experts recommend to use this extra edge. Hanging Beds arise as the "inner" accent when it comes to the latest trends of the interior, and are therefore often used by designers to create a unique atmosphere that is both modern and sophisticated is to generate. Since there are so many wonderful shapes on the market, it should be no problem at all, so to find one that fits best in your bedroom to the ambience.

Designer hanging beds give the device a Nordic touch

Elegant and inviting to relax

Hanging Bed in Rustic Style

Old boat is the perfect floating bed

Creative ideas provide more fun and high mood in the nursery

Classic Hanging Bed with plush cover

Exotic resort and are no longer so far

Romantic escape from the everyday
Hanging beds - 29 great design ideas for unique accent in the house.
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