Wall color in the bedroom for a good night's sleep

In addition to proper duvet and pillows, the wall color in the bedroom is an important factor for restful sleep. Based on the finding that light colors and people can vote in a certain way, you can make the color effect advantage.
Wall color in the bedroom for sweet dreams

Sleep is perhaps the most important prerequisite for the health, well-being and concentration of people, although its true meaning is appreciated by few. Colors that have a calming effect on the human psyche, are best suited for wall design in the bedroom. Sandy and pastel tones, blue, green and shades, and light gray, not saturated Beige Mocca and basically have a calming effect and come as single color on the wall perfectly. For a personal touch you have several options now.

Mental balance - green in the bedroom
 Contrary to popular opinion, the blue and blue tones make for the best harmony in the bedroom, the color green is the color of all balancing and reassuring. Green helps energy to collect and antiseptic. The predominant color in nature helps to relax. Tender green on the walls inspired the imagination and creativity. Therefore, bright greens are an ideal bedroom color for adults and children.

Blue wall color in the bedroom
 Blue is refreshing and cool. In order to calm down and to clarify his perception, various shades of blue available - turquoise, royal blue, sky blue. You can lower blood pressure and relax the eye. Bright, pastel violet or lavender blue act as balancing.

Pink with love, gentleness and tenderness

Warm soothing colors
 Brown earth tones are associated with coziness and comfort - so they could also have a harmonizing effect and ensure a peaceful sleep. However, it must be considered that the sight of individual colors can trigger completely different reactions in different people.

Color therapy at home

The bedroom as a wellness area

Blue is cooling and soothing

Green is relaxing and recovering

Wall color in the bedroom for a good night's sleep.
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