Wall design in the bedroom - 77 ideas for setting

The Wall in the bedroom plays a crucial role for creating a relaxed ambience. We will show you 77 cool ideas and give you some tips on how you can create your own island of peace and serenity.

Wall design in the bedroom - the material selection
Over time it was found that the natural materials, the eyes and the senses relax. The warm wood color has a calming effect and creates a cozy ambience. Who certainly not eager to invest in wood wall panels, can opting instead for Wall Sticker decide with trees - they will achieve the same effect. Curtains made of linen fabric in soft pastels can also create a cozy atmosphere.

Wall design in the bedroom - colors that relax the eyes
Grass green, chocolate brown and sky blue relax the senses. Anyway, everyone is different - that's why it is recommended to test the effect of the selected color in advance. Just a color sample attach to the wall and lie down. Check out the pattern for about 10 minutes - this is enough time to assess the effect of the color.

Wall design in the bedroom - with or without a pattern?
Those who want to experiment with patterns, can decorate the wall behind the bed headboard - in this way affects the bedroom while colorful and original, the person lying asleep but does not see the motives of which is not disturbed and can recover.

Photos for decoration in the bedroom

Wooden wall panels create a cozy atmosphere

Wall panels made ​​of plastic decorated with modern paintings

The black wall is the perfect backdrop for the modern paintings

Murals in brick-optics and Wall Stickers

Attractive Wall Color - Petrol Blue and decorative fabric

Wall design in the bedroom - 77 ideas for setting
Wall design in the bedroom - 77 ideas for setting | Anna Balvaz | 5