Color scheme in the bedroom - 27 ideas for colors

The bedroom is the space where you want to rest, relaxation and good sleep, so the color scheme in the bedroom should be calm, relaxed and peaceful act. That is the reason why the most popular colors for bedrooms are light and airy. These colors will turn your bedroom into your personal retreat. View the pictures below and choose your favorites!

In color theory are neutral colors, gray, white and black. In the interior design are neutral colors of gray, beige and all the colors that are mixed with gray. The neutral colors are cool, aloof, and are a beautiful backdrop for all types of bedroom furniture. These colors make the room a touch of elegance and warmth, so they have become the most popular colors for bedrooms.

Black furniture, grape purple accent wall and beige patterned wallpaper

Beige - Chocolate Farbduo with purple highlights

small bedroom in neutral colors

neutral hues for a relaxed ambience

Classic black and white

natural wood tones in the bedroom

successful color combination - Cream White and Red

Fuchsia and Brown

Emphasizes the blue blanket of the browns

Pastel colors are warm or cold colors are lightened with white. Popular pastel colors for the bedroom include lilac, lavender, light yellow, Meegrün, Pink and Pale Blue. These colors give the bedroom a feminine touch and look fabulous combined with floral decorations, other light pastel colors and white furniture. These colors have a nice clean look that can work wonders in small rooms without much natural light.
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