Feng Shui Bedroom with 8 tips for better sleep

The bedroom is the place in which we see our relaxation and peace, find and live. Therefore, it is important to make the room so that you feel comfortable and that in every second of his life. There are simple and own rule according to the Chinese tradition and teaching after a Feng Shui bedroom set up, designed and equips. Let us pursue this coveted hot track.

Feng Shui Bedroom secret tips for a good night's sleep

The Feng Shui is based on the principle of persistence of the respective existence and transformation of energy into a harmonic source in the premises. The more important is the design of a feng shui bedroom, so you can get his restful sleep. First, you should avoid the footer of your mattress (bed) is presented opposite the door. It was said that you should have a clear path to the power source and they should not prevent it. And empty wallets and resting emotions are intended to mean at the door looking mattresses. So free path of positive energy and mattress away from the door!

Feng Shui Bedroom furniture for less more positive energy

A Feng Shui bedroom also means the bodies under the bed and the corners of unnecessary furniture free. Have a clear path, unobstructed for the positive Sheng Chi energy. There should be an inner harmony in the bedroom prevail and they really can prevail only if a few surfaces have been covered.

Avoid "poison arrows" - tapered edges in the sleeping area, especially if they are on you while you sleep

Close the door of the bathroom because the water can drain your energy

Keep all electronic equipment in at least 1.5 meters distance from the bed so that you are away from the electromagnetic field

Remove any sporting or electronic career as recreational equipment, so you can only think of relaxation and enjoyment in this area

Strive for more close to nature with walls in blue or green and sake no mirrors in the living room

Open the window in the evening, so let the Feng Shui energy flow in the room purely

Feng Shui Bedroom with 8 tips for better sleep.
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