Ideas for the bedroom: 25 examples of any size room

If you stand on the modern style, the following ideas for the bedroom are exactly right for you. There are examples of different room sizes here and also those which modern with a different style combine. Check out the ideas for the bedroom just in time and collect inspirations for setting up your own bedroom.

Ideas for the bedroom - modern bed and stylish wall decoration
1. Ideas for the Bedroom - This bedroom has a modern, low bed. As headboard the entire wall behind it is that also a pretty, wavy pattern has. The large wall cabinet provides ample storage space, so that all the clothes and even more things can be accommodated. In addition, there is a sideboard, which forms a modern wall unit with built-in desk along with a high shelf.

Ideas for the bedroom - Large wardrobe with attractive grain
2. Ideas for the bedroom - a real eye-catcher is the big wardrobe, which has an original pattern. Thanks to the use of dark wood bedroom gets a cozy and warm atmosphere, which contributes to a pleasant sleep. Headboard, nightstand and desk are identical grown with the bed. How convenient!

Bedroom with timeless, elegant design
3. Ideas for the Bedroom - In this example you can see that for one and the same bedroom easily different designs can be chosen for the device. Particularly interesting in the first variant is the very low bed, while the second example impressed by some color accents. Both have an attached bathroom, which is only separated by glass walls from the bathroom. In this sense, one can say that the first example of more suitable for men, while the second one has a feminine touch, which is achieved by colors and motifs.

Bedroom with stylish decor - wall shelves as eye-catchers
4. Ideas for the Bedroom - This bedroom is very functional. Not only the wall shelf offers plenty of space for books, decorations and other objects, but also the area under the bed is used in practice and is also still great illuminated. This design is also perfect for a teenager's room.

Neutral colors in the bedroom - White and Grey
5. Ideas for the bedroom - Neutral colors in white and gray, as well as the straight and simple lines of bedroom furniture to ensure that the space open and bigger acts. A pretty wonderful accent gets the room through the patterned wallpaper in a pleasant shade of gray.

Wall decoration in bedroom
6 ideas for the bedroom - Get another example of how the use of wood gives a warm atmosphere of the room. And it was therefore not saved. Both the furniture and the floor are made of wood and though all have a different color, the room radiates harmony. This is due partly to the large windows that offer plenty of sunlight to flow into the room.

Double bed in the master bedroom offers maximum comfort
7. Ideas for the bedroom - the bed is in the bedroom but the most important piece of furniture, right? Then the bed deserves to be also visual center. This has been achieved in this case with a wide bed frame, and a head board which extends over the entire wall height and a part of the ceiling. Warm colors meet up with cold colors and create a perfect bedroom design. Also make sure, for what a wonderful change you can make a wallpaper with an interesting pattern.

Large windows are essential for well-being in the bedroom
8. Ideas for the Bedroom - This bedroom has a private bathroom conveniently, separated only by a half wall. The large windows you can feel close to nature and to leave without the bed. The large, modern tile in black give the bedroom a certain elegance. It has also somehow an artistic flair.

Wall of exposed concrete look
9 Ideas for the bedroom - Very modern are currently walls in concrete look. In order for the room but not too seems cold, it should be combined with wood. In this case, a wooden floor and wooden furniture was chosen for this purpose. The headboard serves as a shelf and also has a work desk. This functional idea is also ideal for smaller bedrooms.

10 ideas for the bedroom - If you're wondering where this really modern bedroom gets a look in Beach-Style: This is due to the mint green that adorns the wall and the accessories in coral. As a result, the bedroom is spiced color a subtle and looks even more comfortable. Also worth mentioning is again the glass bathroom, probably everyone dreams of that.

Ideas for Bedroom - partition as a design element
11 ideas for the bedroom - a great way to separate the bathroom from the bedroom, is a partition which can simultaneously serve as a headboard. Heat can radiate when it is covered with wood. In the example there also conveniently night lights were installed. The bathroom gets a classy look with sleek marble, to the deck fits wonderfully, which is known from older properties.

Bright and large acts the bedroom in white color
12 ideas for the bedroom - This bright and spacious bedrooms can accommodate everything that is necessary. Besides the big bed with elegant padded headboard and a reading corner is available. To be able to read before going to sleep in their bed and times in the chair a book.

Fresh paint for the bedroom
13 ideas for the bedroom - the bed is on a platform, which offers the possibility to ask the desk in the middle of the room without being getting in your way. Space saving and the wardrobe was chosen because it has sliding doors to prevent door swing. As you may have noted, the bedroom has a warm ambience. This is due to the combination of warm colors, which have both the wood and the yellow walls.

Bedroom in modern style with wood accents
14 ideas for the bedroom - furniture and walls in elegant, albeit simple white are better highlighted when several highlights in dark wood. The headboard, the floor and the sideboard provide in this bedroom for this effect. The result is an elegant design.

Contrast Full device can not get rid of the eyes
15 ideas for the bedroom - Now we come for a change to a bedroom with carpeting. Since this is very bright, and the room is bright and friendly, which in turn allows darker furniture. The cabinet and the headboard have a very interesting design. As you can see, the bedroom is very modern and inviting.

Light wood for bright bedroom
16 ideas for the bedroom - Even brighter this cozy bedroom. For this pleasing effect the light wood provides. Dark accents make only the picture frame on the wall and ceiling, which adorns the bed. Otherwise, the bedroom can accommodate all the necessary furniture such as bed, wardrobe, bedside tables and a desk. The latter belonging to stool can be easily stowed under the desk, so that it takes up valuable space when not in use.

A new headboard can change the bedroom
17 ideas for the bedroom - Get the bedroom from number 15 again from a different perspective and with slightly different headboard design. The view is here immediately to the interesting shelf that fits perfectly with the rest of the design of the room.

Bedroom with eclectic furnishings
18 ideas for the bedroom - Do you wonder what you find so appealing to this bedroom? It is the combination of modern and vintage style. For the latter, the padded headboard, the chair and the interesting night tables help. The desk and chair in turn have an interesting design that combines metal with wood.

Setting up small bedroom space
19 ideas for the bedroom - the really small bedroom was divided so that even takes more than just the bare essentials place. So it contains in the rear, where there is also the only window, a small office. For the wall covering wood was used as well as the floor. The latter also has a playful pattern that spices up the room. Very effective is the spherical bedside lamp, which actually looks more like a ceiling light.

White and gray make delightful blend
20 Ideas for the Bedroom - A perfect color choice is immediately in this bedroom. The modern combination of white and gray is complemented by some red accents and different geometrical patterns of fabrics. Even a small desk takes place here, so you can still do something before bedtime. Or do you just look even remotely comfortable, which is made possible by the sideboard with TV.

21 ideas for the bedroom - Have you noticed the interesting night lights? If not, look the same again after, for they are wirlich unique. The same is true for the wonderful design of the wall opposite the bed and the red chairs. All in all, constitutes the entire device has a minimalist style that you simply may just fall in love.

22 ideas for the bedroom - And here we have it again - the walls in concrete look. Again, the cool atmosphere that radiates this modern idea is broken by the warm wooden floor. The built-in closet has an interesting wooden sliding and shabby-chic style. But what really stands out in particular the great window design. This is repeated again with the headboard, but also an interesting way with the bedside table.

23 ideas for the bedroom - To spice up a monochrome device, sometimes enough just for effect lighting. The shelf above the bed is accented with yellow light here. In keeping with the gray device images were placed in black and white, also operating noticed more.

24 ideas for the bedroom - the two areas in this bedroom (bedroom and sitting area) have on the one hand the same furniture style, but other hand, are visually separated by the two differently shaped rug. The entire device ensures that the room looks bright and cheerful despite the fact that only a relatively small window is available - a truly perfect design!

25 Ideas for the Bedroom - This bedroom makes at first sight a stunning impression. Here is played with several warm shades of brown and reddish brown. Because of this and because of the shiny fabrics gets the room a cozy and elegant atmosphere. Despite the small size of the bedroom and a large wardrobe takes place. The perfect choice for any lady who just can not part with their old models themselves.
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