Wooden bedroom - 26 great facilities for Envy

A really warm and cozy atmosphere creates the timber. For this reason, this material is so well suited for the bedroom, where you can relax in peace should. Un applies in principle there, the more wood, the better. Whether for floor or wall tiles, in a light or dark color - a wonderful ambience is guaranteed, as the following examples of wooden bedroom will prove it to you.

Wooden bedroom of an artist
With this interesting bedroom, the free space was practically used under the bed. It serves as a shelf namely, in the many books were stowed. Also an interesting seating area was a wooden wall paneling created. The bedroom wood is ideal as a DIY project. It can easily replicate.

Wooden bedroom with large mirror

Bedroom wooden Alpine-style
Made this bed is the speed of four impressive bar, where also a romantic canopy was attached. Fits to exist and the bedside table made of wood and a wooden figure is for decoration. The coat as a bedspread in the bedroom of wood but is also a great idea and emphasizes the Alpine style, do not you?

Bedroom with wooden canopy
Particularly interesting is this design for a bedroom made of wood. Here is a three-sided wooden frame at the same time as a floor or landing, headboard and canopy for the bed. The built-in shelf decorations come again very well to the fore.

Built-bedroom wooden

Rustic bed on pallets

Bedrooms with partition made ​​of wood

The wooden partition can be telescoped together

Bedroom wooden niche

Wooden bedroom - 26 great facilities for Envy

Wooden bedroom - 26 great facilities for Envy | Anna Balvaz | 5