Headboard for bed is for wall decoration in the bedroom - 52 Ideas

The headboard for bed has now become an integral part of style. And while earlier the wooden boards were installed for more functionality to the bed, they are nowadays more decorative and are attached directly to the wall. The popularity of the purpose-built headboards has risen so sharply in the United States that even specialize in mind some company. We will show you 52 inspiring examples of wall decoration in the bedroom.

Headboard for bed gives the modern bedroom additional whistle
From now on the headboard for bed may notice more - padded bottom with material he goes in wallcovering wood over. The design concept gives the purist or minimalist interior extra kick. Who in any case not want to invest money and time in wall panels, can achieve the same effect with verwertetem wood. Particularly attractive looks the design before a stone wall or wallpaper in natural stone wall optic. A somewhat similar appearance can be achieved with a perforated plate in the wooden frame.

Headboard for bed is an eye-catcher in the classical style
In contrast to the clear language of modern facilities, the classic interior presents itself as a complex combination of decoration, fabrics and furnishings with exquisite lines. But even in this eclectic colors and materials falls on the gemschackvolle headboard for bed. This is upholstered in soft fabrics or clad in leather and embellished with natural motifs. The Chesterfield headboard is in classic bedroom exactly in place.

Contemporary headboard for the minimalist bed

Bed headboard verwertetem wood as an eyecatcher in interior

White walls and dark wooden frame form a striking contrast

Modern bedroom with wooden headboard with supporting surface

Leather headboard contrasts with the concrete wall with LED lighting

Wooden headboard and wall decoration made ​​of metal

Mirror behind the white headboard can work the room spacious

Wooden wall and leather headboard perfect match

Headboard as a partition - so the adjacent bathroom is visually separated from the sleeping area

Paint the wall with magnetic paint and assign white magnet

Leather headboard and wood protects against the strong sun rays

Headboard for bed is for wall decoration in the bedroom - 52 Ideas
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