Bedroom suite behind glass wall - Loft apartment in Tel Aviv

An apartment in the center of Tel Aviv was reconstructed by BenLavie Design & Architecture in Loft. The interiors have been designed as open as possible, with a large part of the walls were replaced with glass. The first living level is kept completely open - kitchen, lounge and dining area . Internal wooden staircase leads to the master bedroom with bathroom behind glass wall.
Bedroom suite behind glass wall - Loft apartment in Tel Aviv
Bedroom suite behind glass wall and open spaces

The total floor area of ​​69 was increased to 91 square meters by the union of the areas and optimization of the entire room height. In the upper floor is the master bedroom suite separated from the other room only through transparent glass surface. The window wall in front of the sleeping area can be moved out in order to ensure immediate overlooking the living room below.

Bedroom suite in a minimalist style - gray and white
The modern bathroom is kept simple, in monochrome black and white. Freestanding washing console and bathtub reduce the area that much practical. In the wall is a functional built-in wardrobe has been built to keep accessories and cosmetics stuff behind closed doors and are available simultaneously.

Bedroom suite in black and white - white freestanding washing console
Minimalist design and precise execution on show in this bathroom. The modern sanitary furniture combine beautifully with the fine the laid anthracite gray mosaic tiled floor. The fishbone arrangement with white Fugue produce a visual perception of Pepita fabric.

Bedroom suite behind glass wall and internal staircase leading to the first residential floor
For cozy atmosphere of quality wood flooring of natural wood brings in. He exudes warmth and fits to the cool look of clean lines and white walls in the interior.

Bedroom suite behind glass wall create a feeling of open spaces
Glass railing let the stairs and the transition to the second floor seem very airy as detached in the room and. In stages compartments and additional storage space were accommodated that appear invisible at first sight, as the door handles are missing.

Bedroom suite behind glass wall - view of the inner wooden staircase

Placed inside wooden staircase with glass balustrade centrally in the apartment
The interior staircase is located opposite the entrance, which was separated by semi-transparent screen made of slats. It's a good idea to have an overview on the doorstep, while a separate entrance, or hallway.

Open kitchen with minimalist design in white
The modern open kitchen with a minimalist design, clean lines and rectangular, angular shapes conflated by the matte surface similar to the wall color. Discreet lighting and accents of metal bring additional Schick one in the interior.

Open space planning and monochrome colors for the kitchen
Upper and lower living level were designed minimalist mainly in white and gray. Small touches like surfaces and carpets contrast with free, organic shape.

Modern white kitchen with island and breakfast bar
A view from the stairs to the kitchen with kitchen island and breakfast bar.

Living room and dining area with full ceiling height of modern loft apartment
The living room has a generous sofa with gray fabric stretched upholstered. The black fur rug contrasts with its irregular cut and proportions. As a form "snug" area because of the structure of fur and fabric upholstery of the couch.

Loft apartment with walls and doors of glass - bedroom suite in the upper living level
In the open living area, next to the window, a modern dining table with glass top and four chairs were placed with curved wooden structure. Opposite is a living wall, the same dark wood look of the chairs Seeming.

Modern planning and open spaces - kitchen
A wonderful overview on the elegant minimalist kitchen to throw enough to the scale in the direction of "open spaces" tend to be.

Living area - lounge with large corner sofa and dining area

Chic dining area - dining table with chairs and TV wall in the same optics
* a project of BLV Design & Architecture
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