Combine green and beige - Wall Color for Nursery

Choose a cute wall color for children's rooms - green. Combine mint color with beige and set up a cute baby or child's room . These pastel colors are soothing and can be easily combined with each other. They are also super convenient because they are suitable for both boys and girls. You can also change with time only eingie accents without striechen the new walls. Moreover, the combination is just very hip.

First, you should select diue color - perfect variant is a Muschung of beige and brown . White cabinets refresh the design and wall stickers in mint color, a carpet or a beanbag in green can make the difference. Sweet also see children with blanket in mint color or other accents. The overall look is complimented by appropriate lighting. White, halbdurchischtige curtains with mint patterns make the room look spacious and bright. The right wall color for nursery select is always a difficult task, an entire wall in mint color is too striking and seems cold. In comparison, the beige color gives a certain warmth to the interiors and ensures that the child feels comfortable. Our tip - you change the device a bit each year - a girl can get, for example, pink closet or carpet - and it suits still design for.

Wall color for nursery - Mint and Beige

Sweet pillow

Sweet paper lamps in the girls room

Contemporary writing desk

Wall design in the nursery - wallpaper

Baby Room in green

Green decorative pillows and beige wall color

Carpet in mint color

Nursery in green and beige

Classic Baby Room
If two siblings have to be placed in the same room, you can use the neutral color scheme. Let each child have his own corner, where it can decorate in peace. So the kids can learn from an early age to express their personality creative. Plush toys in mint color will have a calming effect. The wall color for nursery must be auswgewählt that it is easy to clean and freshen the. Here also the biggest advantage of Beige is compared to bright pink, purple or yellow. Be inspired by these designs and decoration. We wish you much fun in setting up the nursery!
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