Elegant Kids Room Decoration with pastel colors and animal motifs

Be inspired by this beautiful idea for decorating the nursery and set up a bedroom with a sleek and stylish ambiance for your baby one. This nursery design in neutral pastel shades is a nice change from the usual color schemes in blue and pink.
pastel colors and animal motifs
The children's room decoration in this case was equipped before all in neutral beige hues. So the room looks very bright, inviting and cozy. The pastel colors create a calm atmosphere and look very elegant and classy. The furniture in the nursery have a distinguished vintage look that works well with the stylish shades.
Children's room decor in neutral colors

Children's room decor with elegant design and luxury fittings

Quote on a wooden board on the front door

Beautiful wall decoration with a personal touch

To see animal pattern even in the smallest detail

Equipment with vintage touch

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Colors in bright shades

Rocking in the form of a sheep

Wall shelf with beautiful decorative elements

Handmade plush toys infant bed

Rustic decor items made ​​of wood

Toys in a jam jar

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Elegant dresser in vintage style

Sweet cushion in soft blue

Toys made ​​of wood as decoration

Sheep toy on the wall shelf

Original decoration with a book

Elegant children's furnishings
The main theme in this nursery decoration are the animal designs, and especially the sheep pattern. The nursery interior was very plush furnishings and items were matched to the smallest detail. The design is given a personal touch by the baby's name was written on different objects. The emphasis on the sheep is particularly suitable, as these animals are associated with sleep and rest, which is also suitable for the baby room. All of the furniture and decorative elements in this nursery are carefully considered in order to create a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere for the baby.
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