Bedroom Ideas - 100 images and designs from architects worldwide

The bedroom must be soak up a real feel-good place for energy. A place that invites you to dream. This creates an attractive design, you must follow a few basic rules. We have put together also 100 bedroom ideas from breathtaking architects worldwide, who would serve as inspiration. Consider exactly what design elements and techniques have used these recognized interior designers to mimic this in your individual project. You will definitely find something for you in this great collection.

Bedroom ideas for an atmospheric ambiance
First you need to select the ideal color depending on your preferences. Consider the fact that colors have a great impact on our mood. Soothing colors such as cream, white, light blue and lavender are therefore very popular with the bedroom design. You can then add matching accessories in bold colors like red and yellow, and create a harmonious overall picture.

Bedroom Ideas from ultra-modern architect houses
The bed is significant when the overall effect of the bedroom. Once you have found the perfect design, try different positions and find the best spot. The wall behind the bed plays an important role and can be considered a highlight for the device. Here the possibilities are very varied - patterned wallpaper, impressive wall paint, wood panels, upholstery, etc.

the warm look of wood
The appropriate lighting is also essential in the bedroom design. Indirect light of different light sources creates a pleasant atmosphere for cozy hours. For a nice effect hid lights provide in the suspended ceiling, recessed lighting and LED strips.

interesting wall design with white brick

Wall upholstery in beige and the ceiling hid lights
Create luxury feel with marble

Light Effects

Turquoise Blue and wood

effective blue lighting

With yellow accents

Floor of polished concrete

Decoration with pattern wallpaper

Bedroom Ideas - 100 images and designs from architects worldwide
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