20 great inspirations for modern bedroom design

We all love the moment when we can finally rest in our bedroom at the end of the day us. But some of us are trying to fall asleep faster than others, because they can be the unimaginative and boring decorations there simply not tolerate. But it is just a place to sleep, right? No! The bedroom should be a haven of peace be to you, where you not only sleep, but also work, read book and enjoy a breakfast in bed. So we've put together 20 great inspirations for modern bedroom design for you that may give you ideas for your own bedroom. They are not real rooms, but 3D visualizations, but the ideas they represent, would inspire you.

Trends in modern bedroom design
The modern interior design style is based on clean lines and a monochromatic color scheme. This means that adjacent tones were used together throughout the facility. This provides a simple but very attractive design, which is emphasized by different materials and textures. The grays and wood tones in this bedroom look very relaxed and enjoyable.

Highlights of your modern bedroom design
Light wood and white high gloss surfaces are popular in modern bedroom. The green accent wall, the purple carpet and decorative pillows on the bed splash of color and improve the overall picture. In the picture below is the yellow color that harmonizes with the gray-white duo.

The space in this small bedroom is used optimally

interesting ceiling design and ambient lighting

built-in wall shelves and small desk

The loft style is perfect for artists and relaxed Hipster

A folding bed can be hidden on the day in the wall

the wood panel is a simple way to decorate the wall

a large chandelier is here a good idea

Industriel-chic in the bedroom

the loft bedroom can afford dark wall colors

colorful carpet under the bed

20 great inspirations for modern bedroom design.
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