Create a relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom - ideas for furnishing

After work at home to get something to eat, relax on the sofa, then go to bed and peacefully asleep until the next morning, is very important for many employees. As the professional world today is very stressful and associated with high requirements, it is necessary that they can come to rest in its own walls. However, not everyone knows how to set up the rooms so cozy arises and he can switch off from everyday life. This is, however, quickly realize with some advice.

Ideas for organization and - Shlafzimmer can even little things creative restlessness
Thus, the atmosphere is quiet and cozy home, there are points, is to pay attention to the.
In general, the walls should not contain small patterns, as these are often restless. If you really want a specific pattern as decoration, is confined to specific areas and is only fun with it.
It often helps already, when the inhabitants muck. Many small decorations ensure that the eye has always something to discover and the brain can not relax. Numerous dolls, teddy bears, model cars or other collectibles are then put in a separate room that is to be used from now on as a hobby room.
With these two measures is already plenty of rest returns to the house. To create coziness, warmth is necessary. It can be achieved by various methods. Thickness upholstered furniture often see a cozy leather sofas that are cold to the touch with the skin. Are on the sofa or the armchair some soft pillow or blanket available, quickly arises the need to settle there and to snuggle into. Soft lighting and some candles, should not be missed.

Ideas for furniture - Wood radiates warmth
Untreated wood is a material that often radiates heat. But it is not for everyone, to vertäfeln his rooms with wood or set up a wooden table. It is sufficient in many cases already, to use small accessories out of this natural material. Mirror with a wooden frame, boxes or coasters are commercially available. If you want something extraordinary, even place a carpet or wooden lamps.

Not - what colors have a calming effect, and which ones?
The colors on the walls also play an important role. A sedative such as blue, green or brown. On Red residents renounce better, as this color has a stimulating effect. This applies especially in the bedroom when they suffer from insomnia or nightmares combat . It is also useful to banish electrical devices out of the bedroom. Who is sensitive to the radiation, may be found at night hardly sleeping. Instead of watching TV in bed, it makes sense to read a book. Aside from the radiation, the brain can in front of the TV off and the only bad time to fall asleep delayed.
Depending on the season there are more help to relax better at home. Aromatherapy make a lot of people have started to rely, by drawing up an incense burner and thereby spread certain essential oils in the room. Relaxing effect as lavender or rose. However, it is important that no artificial oils are to be used, since they do not have the same effect as natural essential oil. Moreover, the use is not to overdo it: If the concentration is too high, nausea or headaches may choose. A correct measure is therefore observed.

Drawing window can lead to sleep
In addition to the device, it is also important that the apartment or the house is structurally in good condition. It is often cold in the rooms can easily find out whether it through the window .So you can test if it really pulls through the window:
The window is too öffnen.Auf the seal shall provide the residents a piece of paper and includes the sheet Fenster. Lässt now pull out the seal is porous and cold air can hereinströ clear, however, it can at least do not lie to that window that it is cold in the room.
Possibly it is then necessary to check the insulation by a professional. Who must constantly fight against cold and frost feelings, can hardly come to rest.
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