Space-saving solution space - hanging bed on the ceiling

Everyone dreams of a big king-size bed, but in a small apartment, this is often "Mission Impossible". The architect Renato Arrigo has solved this dilemma but sent - he can hang the bed from the ceiling. On the day it magically disappears (it is stowed above), to make room for other daily activities. This space-saving solution was implemented in a small apartment in the historic center of Taormina, Sicily, Italy. The wooden platform was provided with stainless steel cleats for cable installation. With an electric hoist suspension allows the bed to hang and shutdown.

Hanging bed on the ceiling and stow the day
Since the bed is not part of the ceiling, Renato has emphasized his different appearance by an interesting decoration. With a contemporary graffiti font he caused to be written the words "Space is Luxury". How true that is in a small apartment , suffering from lack of space and what to give an artistic touch for an interesting manner, the device. The graffiti-style works well for this modern apartment.

"Space is Luxury" is the Graffiti writing in white and black

just let go to the desired height

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