Make romantic bedroom with four-poster bed

A romantic bedroom is not necessarily with wallpaper with floral patterns are provided, or are painted in pink - often find it exactly the men were not particularly nice and want more of a modern and practical means. The alternative is simply -a four-poster bed. The canopy not only creates a mysterious atmosphere of 1001 nights, but is extremely functional - it protects against mosquitoes. But that design really looks good, you should keep some basic rules.

Romantic bedroom set - vote bed frame and canopy colors

The four poster bed is pretty big and takes a lot of space - that is not necessarily appropriate for a small bedroom. Who wants a canopy, should measure the height of the room in advance and prefer to create sketch on a sketch of the room is also the pendant light marks. With an online room planner can then be tested to the design.
The second important issue is the color - the color of the wood frame should match the color of the wardrobe stand  for example in line - the two are made of oak wood. Accents can be set with the canopy. Our tip - order the curtains and the canopy of the same material in the same shade - so the interior is uniform and inviting. A perfect romantic bedroom is furnished!

Romantic bedroom set light provides comfort

Small details are also spice up a romantic bedroom with four-poster bed - for example, lanterns , scatter the soft light around the bed. Those who feel particularly creative, can arrange flowers on the bedside table and hang pictures above the bed headboard. If still scented candles are lit, romantic evening, nothing stands in the way!

Bedroom fully in white does look bigger

Sweet floral pattern as accents in the bedroom

Flower pattern on the ceiling in line with the duvet and the upholstery of the furniture

Bedroom with maritime decorative accents

Setting bedroom colonial

Romantic decorative items and lamp in Mediterranean style

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