Wall color gray in the bedroom - 27 design ideas

The wall color gray has a great appeal and can be selected from Nuance create different moods depend. We will show you 27 bedrooms, which were painted in gray - and give you useful tips on how you can put these in attractive scene.

The wall color gray - why is his great attraction

The wall color gray combined with a white ceiling and dark floorboards or laminate floor, provides the perfect background for a modern decor. It brings the modern wooden furniture to better advantage, has a neutral, yet warm. Depending on the shade, only one accent wall for example the wall behind the bed headboard - in anthracite color , or the entire room will be deleted. One should proceed carefully with the dark shades - they make the room look smaller.

What can be the wall color gray combine?

The wall color gray can be easily combined with mustard yellow, dark blue, all kinds of red / orange shades, pink and purple. The only color that you should avoid - Gold and Champagne.
Furniture - the gray wall should be best combined with a wooden bed. But even beds with upholstered frame in beige or brown are stylish in a gray bedroom aussehen.Beleuchtung - LED lamps and luminaires slightly alter the light gray walls and give you a pink shade. Decoration - preferably on the gray wall no family photos, but modern paintings or posters hang in pop style.

Mustard Yellow door and window frame as accent

Modern bedroom with gray wall and accent wall with pink stripes

Works of art on the wall bring splashes of color to the gray bedroom

Vertical garden in the bedroom

Colorful Throw and paintings exude cheerful mood

Wall lights - Led lights for the bedroom

Light gray wall, light blue bedspread and dark beech wood plank floor form beautiful color scheme

Attractive wall in anthracite color

Spread the brick wall in gray

Bedroom with dark gray walls and pink curtains

Eclectic bedroom set

Modern Bedroom in Gray

Purist perfection - bedroom in a color

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