Build in wardrobe in the bedroom itself

A walk-in closet in the bedroom is the dream of many women - but also the men know how to use the extra space useful. So can finally order reign in the sleeping area and the annoying wrinkles on the clothes are finally disposed of. So who has some space free, can be fascinated for this construction project!

Walk-in closet in the bedroom - practical option for medium to large rooms
 If the bedroom is large enough, it can be divided in two. Some homeowners decide to build a partition of Ytong. Practically, it is certainly a plasterboard construction with sliding doors that visually separate the wardrobe from the bedroom. Also curtains are a good option - especially if the room is decorated in the style Shabby Chic. The second step is light. Whether pendant lamp or recessed lighting - this is along with your preferences - in any case is a light for the walk-in wardrobe must. Next, you can consider the space distribution. Usually you will need space for clothes, shoes and accessories. A successful space distribution is crucial - that's why you should devote much time to this task. Only then can it begin with building the shelves and drawers. Manufacturers such as Ikea offer a wide range of aluminum profiles and baskets, which they can customize to your taste. Optionally, you can delegate the task of a furniture company - are ready for the cabinets to order. Attached you will find a series of images with different examples, like a walk-in closet can look in the bedroom.

Folding doors save space

Sliding doors can be installed quickly

Practical wardrobe with shelving system made ​​of aluminum profiles

The walk-in closet in master bedroom guarantees the order

Clarity in wardrobe - rather than furniture made ​​to measure the owners have used a dresser

Storage space for shoes and accessories

Wardrobe in color beige - with luxurious cabinets made ​​of mahogany wood

Good space distribution in the closet - shoe shelves, cabinet for accessories and clothes rack

Self-built construction made ​​of metal profiles

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