Tasteful and modern bedroom furniture sets of Gautier

A basic set for bedroom consists usually of a bed, bedside table and wardrobe, which are arranged individually. In addition, different shelves, niches, dressers, chests of drawers and furniture units can be added, the varriieren after desire and reason and thus can adapt to every room and every situation. An exclusive combination of form and functionality characterizes the bedroom sets from the French manufacturer Gautier . Modern bedroom furniture and stylish and smart additions for every taste has to offer the extensive range.
Modern bedroom furniture for a spacious feel
 Gautier presents excellent products with innovative design. Elegance, flexibility and Verspielheit draw from the collections. Naturally inspired forms, a rich range of colors and exclusive finishes, with different aesthetic and functional needs, is the ideal choice for large and small urban apartments. Traditional materials are combined in an impressive way and get through skillful combination of function and design their typical face.

Modern bedroom furniture for a versatile individual design
 The bedroom furniture from Gautier are entirely contemporary in style. The decor for the bedroom includes trendy beds, walk-in closets, extra elements, all in an attractive design and high quality coatings.

Harmony in White
Alisa furniture set for bedroom inspired by a harmonious design, the combination of soft edges and curved shapes . The optional night table blends seamlessly into the flowing contour of the bed and can accommodate table lamp, books, alarm clock & Co.

Clear forms, linear design

Furniture collection Alisa

Haptically pleasant textures, visible edges and plain surfaces form a stylish contrast.

Modern bedroom furniture from the Shannon collection

The dressing table classic design is available in different sizes and thus finds place in every floor plan.

Wood gives the bed a natural heat
 The bedroom set exudes a special charm and durability, while the mirror is dynamic and easily.

Equipped with a multimedia unit, the bedroom has recreation and entertainment at the same time. All devices can be easily and unobtrusively powered by the slim holes with electricity.

Setting up with a French flair

Teen designed room

Stylish French Bedroom Furniture by Gautier

Furnishing solutions for the bedroom

Modern Bedroom Furniture Sets

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