Matching wall color for living and sleeping area

Finding the right wall color for living or sleeping area is under certain situations a real challenge, because the furniture must also be correlated with the selection. Minimalist design with white outfit, as far as the furniture, allows a wide range of colors for the wall color. The variations of green provide calmness, neutrality between all extremes and relaxation in your own home. Little is more, it means lots of free space with less decoration and you will be able to still make a nice living. The darker the color, the closer the space will appear, so bring in the beautiful bright wall colors.

Matching wall color yellow in the living-dining area
 Warm yellow or orange is used in dining-living area, since it is known that more pleasurable feelings caused among the people, while the dining, with these colors. Lemon yellow is the natural color of the fruit known piece and Orange is associated with joy and happiness. Matching wall color for living-dining area has colorful accents in contemporary homes. Moreover, it is an individual preference and carries the personal leitmotif, reveals a story or idea behind it.

Matching Wandfarbe- purple and violet in the bedroom
 Romantic hearts beat for brighter colors in the bedroom such as purple or violet. Matching wall color in these variations can be combined with bright ceiling or a white wall. It is important that you should have a darker wall, so that your room looks stylish and airy. Provide plenty of light and not much decor, you customize the space according to the motto "less is more".

Orange gives your living area positive energy

The retro style preferred green walls

Colorful choice for the walls

Relaxation area in purple tones

Matching wall color ideas

Color Green tip: neutrality and satisfaction in the bedroom

The classic interior is playful with darker tones

Ideas wall decoration in green

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