Bedroom Design - 40 Ideas for complete device

While most people can look forward to a medium to large spacious living area, few have the good fortune to have a large bedroom. Instead of calming and relaxing, often sees the alleged peaceful haven from overflowing. With a simple trick can avoid this - a complete bedroom design with furniture that fit together, guaranteed order. We will show you 40 ideas for stylish yet practical device.

Under a complete bedroom design, the combination between bed, bedside tables, chest of drawers, wardrobe is understood. It is worth while to select all the furniture from a collection-so the interior is uniform and stylish. Care should be taken not only on the furnishing style / modern, minimalist, vintage, eclectic /, but also on the color scheme.
Attached you will find the collection of the Spanish brand Dormitoriomoderno .

Modern bedroom design - furniture with clean lines

Modern and cozy at the same time - wood details and Shaggy carpet for more comfort

The furniture in white color make the room look spacious and bright. But can act under certain circumstances the white color too cold, most beds and bedside tables are provided with details of natural wood. So the strict look is loosened. Also attractive - a bedroom with beige walls and gray furniture. The shade may vary - very modern look anthracite tones, while light gray fits perfectly with classic facilities. Additional whistle is give by the material combination - the traditional bed design has been changed lately - so have most modern beds, a wooden frame and an oversized leather-Kopfteil.Mit the decoration should be used sparingly - a photo wall or a painting on the bed and two original table lamps can give the interior a cozy look. And even if it does not leave much free space for home accessories, a stylish bedspread can always make it appear cozier space. 
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