Wall color in the bedroom - 100 ideas for gorgeous nights

If you a bedroom is imminent renovation or redevelopment, get determined ideas about the perfect wall color. Since colors influence your being, the color scheme of the walls should be carefully considered. Your oasis of well you could of course in any hue run - one in bright pastel colors or prefer dark depends entirely upon what effect you want the room. Here you get 100 ideas for room wall colors in the bedroom. Definitely there is something to suit your needs including! Have fun with browsing!

Ideas for harmonious wall color in the bedroom

Important in the choice of wall colors in the bedroom are the existing bedroom furniture in the first place. These form the framework design for your individual well-being atmosphere. Also remember the lighting conditions. For dark or small rooms with little Lichteinall are recommended bright colors or pastel shades such as blue, green, beige, yellow. So little is room look larger and the lack of light offset. Where there is much light falls, are also darker earth tones that bring comfort to the room, a good option.

Select a feel-good wall color in the bedroom

Since the bedroom should be a place of relaxation, there restrained, pastel colors are particularly suitable. Even gentle gray conveys security and a peaceful sleep feeling. When you combine these colors with light furniture made of natural wood, you could achieve a pleasant room atmosphere. Small accents with strong color can be particularly well with decor such as pillows, bedding implement, table lamps and bedside rugs. To ensure, for example, also with wall tattoos for a small change in the interior design and give your bedroom a personal touch.

Color design for bedrooms with soft pastel colors
Strong wall colors in the bedroom can have a strong influence on the sleep environment and bring loud Feng Shui too much energy. They are therefore suitable only for the design of individual enrichment eg for the workplace, often housed in larger rooms. Would you like to combine several colors together, make sure that the colors of a color family or several shades of the same color.

A white chest of drawers stands out from very front of the colored wall
Cross out a bedroom wall in an intense hue, it is advisable to leave the other walls in white. This avoids the overwhelming effect while living.

Bedroom design with nautical motifs
In wallpapered walls to reach a diversion by the attachment of wall borders.

Saturated color space
By the decorative arrangement of small framed photographs or accessories you loosen up your bedroom walls.
Modern bedroom colors

Successful color combinations

Wall design with creative ideas metallic effects

Trend colors in the bedroom

Matching color for a peaceful sleep

Interior design ideas for colors in the bedroom

Blue-Green provides balance

Bed with nice linens

Blue bedroom used for recreation

Yellow has a warming effect

Pastel colors are airy and light

Dark tones radiate comfort

Cozy Cave for sleeping

Blue promotes relaxation

Yellow sunny alternative

Beige Wallpaper

Sandy and earth tones

Colour Apricot

Lilac-colored walls

Color design with bright tones

A harmoniously furnished bedroom in cozy colors

Pink soothes

Violet is calming

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