Bedroom Farbgestaltung- tones, wallpaper and high-end beds

In contemporary bedroom we find even a comfortable sofa in front of the LED device. It is a space not only for sleeping but also for reading, relaxing and even for coffee or brunch. Of course, a separated part with glass wall shower so. What is important for ideas and needs you have and which one should consider when it arrives on the bedroom color scheme and furniture. In this article we show you a photo gallery of 50 modern and classic bedrooms and each is characterized with unique design.

The colors for the bedroom are introduced with the furniture and the design of the walls in the bedroom. Upward trend we observe with classic box-spring beds with high-end, and quilted leather look. The bedroom color scheme is. Additional artistically designed and executed picturesque Dekowände Wallpaper with pattern, plants, trees, raindrops, columns or rectangular figures, all the blow a little more luxury in the modern bedroom.

Wood is fashionable, never goes out of style and provides comfort in any sleeping room. Some dispense with the usual wall colors and prefer a trendy and rustic bedroom color design with wooden panels in all possible variations. We find even unpolished and uncut wood columns with knot holes and gaps, the more original and unique. Brick is painted in white cause definately medieval feelings when entering a shabby chic bedroom. A Dream Bedroom everyone deserves, because we spend half our lives in these four walls.

As the center of our dreams, the bed is equipped with a wall in leather look rather than a high-end backrest. Pure luxury and beautiful!

Use color with bedding and wall decoration if you prefer white walls in the bedroom

Beautiful gray wall with haptic structure

Brick Wall in White

Bedroom with Asian dishes flair

Taupe color, leather and fur


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