Bedroom with Boxspringbetten- sleep Culture and sleeping comfort

Metal beds, solid wood beds, upholstered beds, water beds, box springs, the selection of beds for our beloved bedroom is big nowadays. Bedrooms equipped with box spring beds means that you do not have your health in mind. For comfort and beautiful design is hip. Invest in your health and make your bedroom with a modern box spring.

Boxspringbetten- bedroom with a sleeping culture with tradition
The box spring was first used in the late 19th century in the United States as a bed based on two mattresses. They sought a clean way the mattress of the floor to get away, but to be in the same position flat on flat surface. So a new type of beds was invented by a design used wooden box with innerspring mattress for lower. The name box spring is from the English word "box" for box and "spring" - headed for spring. Some call the slatted still boxspring. On the famous gesunkenem cruise ship RMS "Titanic" in 1912, high chairs and sleeping comfort for the upper class were offered. Up to the middle of the last century, the bedrooms have not really established with box spring beds and enforced, except in America and in the northern half of the European continent. Only after the first bed slats and innerspring mattresses were eingef├╝rt on the market in the early 50s, box springs were used not only for high-class hotels but also for the establishment of private bedrooms.

Bedroom with Boxspringbetten- type of bed for back pain
An increasing number of orthopedic surgeons recommend their patients bedroom with box spring as a kind of healing medicine for back pain. There are different styles and designs, single-and double-Spring beds; some are electrically adjustable and others equipped with LED lighting. Compared with the normal bed that has Boxspringbed 3 basic layers, which offers an optimal comfort to the spine and the muscle and a high adaptability to the whole body. We have box-spring or lower mattress called a top mattress and a topper, and in a normal bed, we find bed frame, slats and mattress. Treat yourself to joy and bring you even your bedroom something luxurious, because passes half of human life in bed, we should not forget!

Modern bedroom with box spring

Double bed with dark design

Classic accents in modern bedroom

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