75 modern bedrooms, all tastefully furnished

If you are looking for new home design ideas for the modern bedroom, then you become find him here. We have 75 wonderful examples of ultra-modern for you bedroom furniture together, which can help you to create a special atmosphere between your four walls. The bedroom has long been not only there to sleep, so you have this personal space much more attentive to give than we thought.

Modern bedroom with charm
Very important in the bedroom is the right place for the bed. Facing the door, under the sloping roof, the window or the middle of the room according to the Feng Shui? Try different positions in advance of by grab a blanket and put it on the soil sample.

Modern bedroom wall design with 3D wall panels
The wall behind the bed is usually the focal point in the bedroom and therefore embellished interesting. Whether with wallpaper, paint, wood trim or 3D wall panels, a flashy and creative wall design is a must here.

indirect LED lighting
Indirect lighting in the bedroom creates wonderful light and shadow effects and is a good alternative to harsh ceiling lights. In the bedroom, the lighting should bring about a peaceful sleep atmosphere. Not only behind the suspended ceiling, the LED strips can be installed, but also behind a wall panels or the bed headboard.

combining red brick and wood
The red brick wall and wood flooring exude a warm feeling, while the gray fabrics provide visual balance.

Bedroom in gray and blue

all tucked away in closets

green houseplants in focus

Fireplace with open fire in the bedroom

Wooden wall paneling

bright yellow accents

Structural color in concrete look

narrow bedroom in all white

floral wallpaper with satin effect

brown carpeting and blue wallpaper wall

75 modern bedrooms, all tastefully furnished.
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