Barn door in the bedroom for a rustic ambience

In recent years, the house style of the increasing desire of homeowners was present, departing from the pompous and brilliant interior and to approach more and more the modest style. This has led to a phenomenal rise in home renovation projects that show an adaptive re-use of buildings and materials in the most brilliant way. Precisely for the same reason we have witnessed a great revival of styles, such as the industrial, rustic and country style celebrated their comeback. This style movement toward the simple design has led up many interior designers to introduce the classic barn door in the bedroom and other rooms.

Combines contemporary and rustic style - barn door in the bedroom
The sliding door as a stylish barn door in the bedroom is fairly easy to detect, based on the use of heavy waste wood. Although there are modern variants in which you replaced the wood against glass, steel and other materials, but we prefer the classical model and believe it's the best of all. The sliding door with sliding system brings many advantages that complement the aesthetics of the door itself. Charming, varied and sometimes also environmentally friendly - so you can describe our sliding barn doors! Take a look at 20 design idea with a barn in the bedroom and explore the rustic charm of these doors again! Enjoy fully the adorable photos in our photo gallery below!

Barn door in the bedroom with color and contrast
The barn door in the bedroom as a sliding door is the perfect way to add some visual and structural beauty to a bedroom, as all these rooms appear rather monotonous in principle. Regardless of the theme and style of your interior design, you can use there a barn as a sliding door in order to introduce a unique pattern of wood into the atmosphere. Waste wood is often the most popular choice for the beautiful barn doors in the form of barn door in the bedroom because it is environmentally friendly, the purse is not particularly loaded and immediately "old elegance" brings into the room.

Yellow barn door in the bedroom as an accent
But maybe you do not want the wood texture stress but put on more color in your bedroom. Then you could paint the barn door in the bedroom as a sliding door in a color of your choice. From bright red and vibrant yellow to cool blues and stoic gray everything was possible! This will not only add color to the room, but turn the sliding door in a great eye-catcher!

Barn door with the same design of the wall

Barn door as bathroom door

Bedrooms in 60s style with Scheuentor before bath and office

Accent door in the form of a dark barn door with a rustic style

Bedroom with a dark ambience and red barn

Barn door in the bedroom - not just rustic!
A common misconception among design enthusiasts is that the barn is appropriate in the bedroom only for rooms in rustic or country-style. Actually, in this case corresponds exactly the opposite of the truth, because this magnificent wooden wonder see even more attractive from in a modern room. Even the small and modern rooms can only benefit from such a design because the door will bring warmth and a lot of contrast in the atmosphere. It also serves as a cool transition between the bedroom and the adjoining bathroom. The barn door in the bedroom is distinguished by its uniqueness and comes on the neutral background of modern bedroom very good effect.

Barn door in the bedroom - A striking entrance door
But the barn door in the bedroom does not fall only by a special appearance on alone. Actually a door design is distinguished by its functionality so out, as this will save a lot of space, which claimed a normal door in principle. Most doors need even more space due to their rocking motion, something that many of us simply can not afford, particularly in the small bedroom. We want to have those doors that day remain open. The barn door in the master bedroom is the perfect solution in this regard, since it simply slides off. Of course, you still need in this case some space on the wall just for the sliding, but that would be no problem, right?

Barn door in the bedroom - Conceal fitted wardrobes
Why is actually the shift function as an important aspect of the barn door? As we have already said, saves space at the entrance of the bedroom. Furthermore, the solution is ideal for the door of the built-in walk-in dressing room, which is simply closed when it is necessary. It is a good way to hide the walk-in closet, a small home office in the bedroom or a messy rack without bringing traditional doors that swing open for use. Many homeowners use the design from the barn in the bedroom for a good cause. This disconnect their homework areas of the other rooms at home, wasting little space.

Barn door in the bedroom for a rustic ambience
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