The bed in the bedroom - Modern models of LeComfort

The bed in the bedroom is the focal point. It is also a piece of furniture that is not only aesthetic effect and are suitable for the remaining furnishings of the bedroom, but also guarantee the necessary comfort. It is a gem that should contribute to the recovery. Today we would like to present some unique models for the bed in the bedroom, which are modern and luxurious.
The bed in the bedroom - Modern models of LeComfort
This is to models of the company LeComfort. The bedding impress with Italian elegance and quality and make sleep a particularly restful experience.

Bed in the bedroom "CONTINUOUS"
The bed in the bedroom is especially FRIS then a real eye-catcher when in a neutral situated designed space. His steel blue color is modern and at the same time subtle and thus not too intrusive.

Metropolitan bed in bedroom

A bed in a neutral color can be wonderfully spiced up by colored linen. This bed in the bedroom is on attractive legs, and has a simple, yet modern design. There is also a modern, monochrome wall design, in which the colors even better to advantage.

Calvin bed
Another striking feature is ours. The Calvin bed not only offers the most comfort, but also evaluates the entire atmosphere. Combine with furniture in the same color or choose neutral decor idea if you want that the bed is the focal point in the bedroom.

Bedroom furniture with Illy
The Illy bed with his light, neutral color lends itself beautifully to set in bright colors accents. Furthermore the simple design that looks elegant and so various decorations allowed next to the bed in the bedroom without a kitschy atmosphere is risked.

A simple design can also be found in this model for the bed in the bedroom. A slightly curved headboard provides comfort when seated and makes reading bedtime enjoyable. Put a pretty splash of color on the dark bed with Pillow or blanket.

This is White can be combined with any color, you know already. So if you set up your bedroom in this color, you can set with decorative items, textiles and accessory color accents and change them at any time. Here you see a white bed in the bedroom with bedding in Orange.

Dark bedroom with Gaucho bed
A dark bedroom should be mäglichst bright furnishings to create the necessary balance. Here you see a white bed in the bedroom in black design. Accents in gold, which can be found in the wallpaper, giving the bedroom the necessary elegance.

This model proves that Italian design is hard to compare with others. The padded headboard and gray bed box form a unique model for the bed in the bedroom, to be neutral furnishings.

Love bed
Grey's modern styling a popular color. It can also be combined with different shades of gray, but also tolerates colorful accents very well. The Love bed in the bedroom in concrete look just proves this theory. It is also combined with a bright, warm beige, the back can be found in the carpet and in the ceiling.

Belmondo bed
Would you like to set up your bedroom monochrome, but still warm, you can choose the Belmondo bed. is combined the bed in the bedroom with a black wallpaper and a brown carpet. Instead of straight lines tower above in this modern model with rounded corners, which are covered with fine leather.

Sir elegant cream
This bright bed in the bedroom with darker design has a striking headboard upholstered. In keeping with the bed can also be a shelf to be constructed that can be wonderfully used for decorating. The attractive cream color stands out beautifully by the dark parquet flooring and the equally dark wallpaper.

Modern elegance with Gap
If you can not decide between the modern and vintage style is? Then combine Simply both styles. The "Gap" bed in the bedroom has both straight and modern lines, and curved in the form of a headboard. The model can be wonderfully enhanced by some vintage accents and -Decorations as here with a coffee table and a matching lamp.

A luxurious look away with a white bed in the bedroom. The design of the headboard is similar here more pillows, which makes for an original look. Despite the simple design, the bed in the well simply furnished bedroom into a true eyecatcher.

Lara with pretty headboard
Are you a straight headboard but too plain, you can install the Lara bed in the bedroom. Especially against the wall, you can customize the headboard a certain Wanddeko. The gray color looks discreet and elegant and has further emphasized by decorations and accessories in the same shade.

Brown is modern and has a really great atmosphere. Highlight the chocolate color with a white bed in the bedroom. The leather as a material has a luxurious and evaluates each bedroom perfectly. By using contrasting colors, you can emphasize any color.

Tower with adjustable backrest
Not everyone attaches importance to a headboard. However, to read before falling asleep or talking in bed this can be really useful. A compromise you can go to the Tower bed in Schlafzimme. The model has practical backrests that are up when required and then can be folded back.

An attractive, modern color combination this from gray and yellow. In this way you can combine the modern style with a sunny atmosphere. The Perla model as bed in the bedroom also has shiny metal feet, which are extended by a bedside table. An eye-catcher is the chest of drawers.

Atrium bed
Upholstery ensure comfort. And who puts great emphasis on maximum comfort, should choose the Atrium bed in the bedroom of LeComfort. With its light gray color, you get back a piece of furniture modern style and padded headboard gives the design the finishing touches.

Bed in the bedroom - Java
With the color red, you can set scary attractive accents. Combined with a beige shade, as is done here with the Java bed in the bedroom with monochrome design, you not only get a modern interior, but simultaneously also a warm atmosphere.

Play with your favorite colors! Finally target is the device that you will reflects your personality. The white bed in the bedroom has a striking headboard and is set by floral accents in scene. These can be found in the pillows and the chair back. In this way, both pieces of furniture are highlighted.

Also, the dual bed in the bedroom was decorated with floral motifs. The large headboard imitates pillow and is a real gem. Which color you choose for bed linen, is completely your decision. The modern and neutral gray allows namely any combination.

Very stylish looks and a combination of neutral gray and blue accents that you also may be matched by an upbeat and warm yellow. The shiny and narrow metal legs can act more elegant design. Combine the bed in the bedroom with a matching oriental rug, which is currently very popular.

Dare and choose a pink bed in the bedroom. The modern pattern in this bed in the bedroom, which mimics a pretty weaving pattern, sets the model Violet in the monochrome interior design beautifully in scene and simultaneously acts modern and romantic.

In this model atrraktiven the headboard is not only similar cushions. It even pads are used. These are mounted on a narrow board and guarantee the most comfort. This simple bed in the bedroom is surrounded by various decorations that exude partly the vintage style.

Stand up straight lines, which reflect the minimalist Einichtungsstil that Ipanema bed in the bedroom is the right choice. The design can be in its simplicity for the rest of the room so continued or extended by more striking accessories.

Bed Design Giselle
Finally, we would like to even imagine Giselle bed. The bed in the bedroom is a real eye-catcher, despite the entire monochrome design. Provide, by using patterned blankets or other textiles for textures. Also additional wooden furniture can make for a breathtaking ambience.
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