Bedroom with play area for the children of Ruetemple

Cottages are usually smaller and more compact and offer less space than houses. For this reason, practical and space-saving solutions are there asked to make the stay during the holidays as comfortable as possible. We would like to present a very interesting idea for a bedroom with play area, not just the parent provides the necessary comfort, but also the children sufficiently guaranteed fun.

Bedroom with play area for the children of Ruetemple
In this way, the small not boring also regenerischen days.

Bedroom with play area of Ruetemple
The original bedroom with play area is a design of Ruetemple . It is located in a summer house near Moscow, which in turn is part of a family of five. The company used to design the amount of space to practical use as any free space.

Bedroom with play area for children and parents
The desire of such bedroom voiced the parents themselves. It should provide sufficient comfort for sleeping, but also serve the children to play, to slowly awaken in this way the parents. A wish that was fulfilled with this bedroom with play area in our opinion, no doubt.

Comfortable lounge area
The sleeping area in the bedroom with play area is designed very original. There is a mattress, and other deposits that are integrated into a pedestal. The result is a large lounge area, which is not only suitable for sleeping or for a nap, but is also a cozy TV or relaxing area.

TV and relax
The actual play area located in the upper levels. A wooden staircase leads to the first level. There is a play mat to find where the children can not only play, but also to relax or read. Pillows enhance the comfort in the bedroom with play area even to a clear.

safety nets
Instead railing nets were stretched, which are intended to protect children from falling. So the children can play wild in the bedroom with play area, without the parents worrying.

Lots of natural light

The skylight in the attic provide turn for plenty of natural light. Just below the first level there is a built-in wardrobe for parents with large mirrors. The bedroom with play area so offers enough storage space, for which purpose the sloping wall is used.

built shelf
The bedroom with play area offers some extras for parents. In addition to the comfortable bed and the wardrobe there is also a built-in shelf. Utilized is for setting up plants. But decorations or books make here very well.

Flexible networks for children
In the bedroom with play area the children can play really nice. The networks are there not only to protect. One can also hop wonderful thereon, a good fixation fullest guarantees protection. Even a short nap can do it.

Bedroom with play area - Small Bude
From the first level in the bedroom with play area offers another flight of stairs in the final. There is a little hideaway is present which has the shape of a house. It is a convenient retreat, can be at the not only played, but also rested.

game table
In this hiding in the bedroom with a play area and a games table is available. It is suitable not only good for playing. Even the crafts and painting is equal to much more pleasant.

Practical Bedroom Project
Here you can see the project for the bedroom with play area in the planning. It is clear once again how wonderful the entire space is used. The bedroom is an idea that is worth it for any room.
Design of Ruetemple .

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