Bed without headboard - A harmonious bedroom interior

The headboard is undoubtedly an important element of the bed. It brings many advantages that should not be underestimated. However, a bed is extremely attractive without headboard and at least one worth considering. Such beds are modern and somewhat casual, but look just as stylish off the bedroom, like any other model with headboard.

In this article we would like to draw your attention just to these types of beds.

Bed without headboard - Lighted accent wall
The headboard is a great decorative element. If this is missing on the bed but it can also be replaced by something else. In the apartment above, which is located in Tel Aviv, serves for this purpose on the one hand, the mural on the other hand, the modern lamp made ​​of wood. The design of bed without headboard, as well as the rest of the apartments comes from Mayan Zusman Studio.

Bed without headboard for highlighting walls
Despite all the advantages of the head part, it can happen once, it acts rather disturbing and interfering with the subtle elegance of the bedroom. In the designed by Aleksandra Fedorova apartment, this property can be established. The bed without headboard can wonderfully the white wall to advantage and also fits perfectly with the Zen device.

With wood frame

For the design of the room, the POD Boutique Hotel in Cape Town hired the company Greg Wright Architects. This designed an open living area, which also includes the bathroom belongs. The bed without headboard is in turn surrounded by cladding and a pedestal made of wood that are perfect as a replacement.

The bed emphasize
Just because the bed is placed against the wall usually does not mean a long time that you have to do it that way. Try something new and put it in front of the window. A bed without headboard is particularly well suited for this purpose. The unique window of Qvest house gothic style are a real eye-catcher and the perfect backdrop for the bed. The design of the house dates incidentally by Michael Kaune.

frame bed
Here's another example of how you can decorate the bare wall behind the bed without headboard wonderful. The two lamps left and right also have a useful purpose. The design of Tom Mark Henry ensures pleasant symmetry, harmony and a pleasant feeling, which is even further enhanced by the two bedside.

Poster bed idea
With a four-poster bed, it is common that it has no headboard. This is mainly because of the frame, which is intended for the curtains, or, heaven, is sufficient to highlight the bed. For this reason, the head part is superfluous, it should serve only decorative. The idea with a bed without headboard also took Giuliano Andrea dell'Uva to make this white youth room.

Romantic bedroom bed
In this example just makes the free wall that is created through the bed without headboard, the bedroom. In addition an attractive shelf in front of the windows, which includes flower boxes. The idea comes from Trong Nghia Architects. One also sees how wonderful modern d├ęcor can be combined with romantic vintage accents.

Ornate decorative
Are you an art lover, you can make use of this property advantage of if you own a bed without headboard. The area on the wall above the headboard can namely be used wonderfully to ask your favorite painting on display. Two lamps were also in this facility in Casa C2 of Lucas y Hernandez-Gil Arquitectos again added.

Accent walls replace the headboard
The headboard as a decorative element on the bed, as already mentioned, be superfluous if the bed is already at an attractive accent wall. The master suite Yerger-house, which was designed by Chen + Suchard Studio is very stylishly decorated and has a gray wall in concrete look. Combined, this with a blanket and bedding in purple.

Bed and window
Here you can see a bedroom design with bed without headboard of Patano Studio Architects. It is harmonious, and it receives an eye-catcher through the small window, which is located above the bed and makes us forget immediately that headboards even exist.

Coloured accent in neutral bedroom
If you choose the bed without headboard a mural for decoration, you can choose a colorful or use a variation consisting of neutral tones, depending on the means of the bedroom. The first variant adorns this bedroom, which was otherwise designed by Gresford Architecture in neutral gray, white and wood color.

Small pictures Series
If you can not decide on a mural for the bed without headboard itself? Well then combine Just several small, as in this idea of ​​Studio Esnal. You are welcome to use for private photos. Although the images draw the eye directly on yourself, make the absence of the headboard less conspicuous.

Ideas for Accent Walls
Have you chosen a accent wall, you have several options available. Use, for example, a different color, an interesting pattern or wallpaper. The latter was also used by Michael Fitzhugh. The gray color fits perfectly the elegant fireplace.

wall panels
An accent wall you get but also by panels of various kinds. These can range from floor to ceiling. When designing CUBE Architecture a gray color in concrete optics was used. This is enhanced by the gray bed without headboard and the equally gray carpet. The result is an aesthetically attractive line in the bedroom.

Cozy corner in the bedroom
All the same intimate feel in a bedroom when such Sleeping area is designed. The bed without headboard is located on a wall of wood on which merges in an original way on a shelf. This in turn serves not only as a storage space, but also as an attractive room divider. The idea comes from mode: lina architekci.

Minimalist Bedroom
Fans of the headboard will be of the opinion that without headboard simply acts bed boring and incomplete. But that does not agree! It is ultimately down to what you like and what style you have chosen for your bedroom. Even a small room looks the same much more spacious without headboard, as well as in this example from Madama. It has a minimalist interior style.

Schlicht's Design for the interior
Simple and understated decorations were used for this welcoming bedrooms and provide a modern ambience to feel comfortable. The fact that the bed was elected without headboard, falls because of the stylish wall color in steel blue as well as not on. The project for the bedroom and the rest of the apartment comes from Smart Design Studio.

Large windows
Bedroom with such large windows are decorated wonderfully alone through nature. This fact, in turn, requires a simple decor in the room itself, which makes the use of a bed perfectly without headboard. According to this principle the company Apollo Achitects & Associates has also established this bedroom. On decorations of any kind was simply omitted.

Instead bed use only the mattress
Have you noticed that a bed often seems much cozier without headboard? For a simple, modern Eirnichtung in the bedroom, you can choose a low frame, or simply place the mattress on the floor, as in this design of destilat. This attractive apartment is located in Vienna.

Bulbs instead Headboard
A cozy atmosphere is here mainly achieved through the lamps, which are attached to the bulkhead. The minimalist bedroom is located in the Villa R in Denmark and was designed by CF Maller Architects. The bed without headboard is a real eye-catcher and the evidence that can itself act the conspicuous absence of the headboard sympathetic.
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